Holistic Pet Boutique and Grooming Salon

A healthy pet is a happy pet! At Golden Paws Pet Boutique, we believe the secret to your pet’s health and well-being starts from within.

We prioritize the health and joy of our furry friends and offer All-Natural, high-quality food, holistic supplements and remedies, and eco-friendly products while simultaneously avoiding highly processed foods and products made with toxins. This simple swap, in return, gives our friends the healthiest and happiest life while avoiding preventable diseases caused by chemical laden typical treats. As we say, the swap is simple, and the benefits are immense.

We have a superior selection of premium holistically chosen foods including grain free dry food, frozen and dehydrated raw food diets and USA made treats along with organic pet bakery items.

Our boutique is filled with a variety of unique accessories for cats and dogs that you won’t find everywhere else. At Golden Paws, Eco-friendly toys, natural flea and tick sprays for your pets and home, beds, bowls, and homeopathic remedies can be purchased. Only the finest quality collars, leads, harnesses, and apparel have been carefully chosen with USA made materials are offered.

Need a gift for a friend or for yourself? Golden Paws carries mugs, wood signs, key chains and a lot more!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Golden Paws derives from the concept of the simpler, the better. Would you eat some of the foods offered on the market for your furry friend? It is often overlooked that dogs and cats require nutritional balance and healthy nutrients. At Golden Paws, we prioritize the holistic and vital nutrients. Humans are not the only ones who deserve the attention and concentration of a natural, internally beneficial, and externally fulfilling lifestyle.

About Susan

Owner and Founder Susan Swoope is passionate about holistic health as a whole and recognizes the need for a natural pet store on the Jersey Shore. Susan is dedicated to creating awareness regarding the impact of unnecessary toxins and foreign agents present in pet products, the pet industry, and eliminating their effects in furry friend owning households to keep your dog or cat living a long healthy and happy life. Susan is an avid pet owner and came to the realization that holistic lifestyle not only for human, but man’s best friend was essential when she lost a beloved Golden Retriever to cancer in 2014. Rosie, Susan’s dog was only 5 years old and perhaps could have lived a longer and happier life if awareness was promoted regarding the harmful fillers and toxins present in the foods and treats dominating the pet industry today. In holistic philosophy, food is medicine, not only to humans but cats and dogs as well, and Susan prides herself in expansive and ever growing knowledge of homeopathic healing and nutrition through her courses taken regarding Canine Holistic Health and Pet Physiology and Effects of Environmental and Supplemental Benefits. Susan devotes her time to her two children Sarah and Danny, 2 Golden Retrievers Maggie Rose and Copper and newcomer Lila the cat that live the Golden Paw Lifestyle that we strive to educate pet owners throughout the Jersey Shore about so all people and pets can live life to the fullest and happiest.

About The Golden Paws

Our angel Rosie born in 2009 brought happiness and laughter to our family from the beginning. From her first bath in my kitchen sink to playing in winter’s blanket of snow, Rosie was a joyful and lovable addition to our household and lives. A day never went by where smiles did not exist, walks around the lake were not walked, and treats were not rewarded. The last day of closing our backyard pool was sad especially for our Golden Pawed friend that meant no more laps and barks while children played! Rosie became sick with cancer in December 2013 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2014. She was only 5 years old. That meant no more barks and treats and love from our beloved pup. But Rosie graced our lives for a reason, and soon after her passing Susan began her search for holistic and all natural alternative products and nutrition for dogs and cats. Through Rosie’s life, Susan became inspired to research and dedicate her life to helping other families treat their pets holistically so that longer lives and limitless happiness can be achieved.