If your dog is experiencing some of these common symptoms that cause discomfort they may have a food intolerance or sensitivity. 

  • Excessive Licking
  • Constant scratching
  • Chewing on same area or body part
  • Red itchy ears with odor
  • Itchy paws
  • Eye discharge
  • Skin irritation/Hotspots

Determining what your dog is sensitive too can be a long complicated process. Visits to the vet can rack up high vet bills, not to mention unnecessary treatment like allergy shots that only mask the problem. Process of elimination can also be complicated because of the ingrediant list in pet foods and also the cost of wasted food. 

Nip it in the paw and stop guessing what food you think is causing discomfort to your dog!

The at home Allergy Test Kit is affordable and easy to use and you get the results in 2 weeks.  An immediate benefit of knowing what your dog is allergic to is that you can eliminate the allergen from your dog’s diet or environment and commence treatment right away. 

At Home Canine Allergy Testing Kit


 Allergy Testing Kit 

 ResultsAn analysis of 150 food and environmental items that your pet may have sensitivities to. 


A personalized meal plan- you will receive a meal plan consisting of dog food brands and formulas that is safe for your pet to eat and what foods to avoid. 

The meal plan includes

Safe foods

Foods to avoid


Rotating proteins

Benefits of raw feeding

Beneficial probiotics

Tips for home cooking

The information you receive doing this test for your pet will provide a guide about your dog’s sensitivities that will allow you to control their food and environment just enough to reduce or even eliminate their symptoms.  Food allergies are a lot easier to deal with than most environmental allergies.

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